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Selling Your Property with Juan Dolio Real Estate

We begin with what we know, and we know Juan Dolio. We also know Real Estate Marketing, from what worked yesterday to what’s going to connect buyers and sellers tomorrow. By taking advantage of Web-savvy advertising in a competitive market we effectively keep your listing in front of potential buyers. 

We have the buyers. Successful marketing has created a constant flowing pipeline of potential buyers. Most of them start their search on our website and then contact a real estate agent.

We have the connections. Juan Dolio Real Estate partners with other professional companies to seek, find, and track potential buyers.


While we are American/Dominican owned company, our team lives, works and plays in Juan Dolio. This “street level” experience gives us broader market knowledge and a keener perspective that allows us to price your home competitively. Also, as members of this developing beach community, we know how to invite and welcome new buyers as they make Juan Dolio there primary or second home.

We select the best properties, located in the best-selling areas that are safe and secure. In order to get interested buyers the property should;

► Be priced to sell, at or under market value

► Be in the best condition, with no interior or exterior need of repairs

► Be located in a safe secure area

► Be well-kept and accessible

► All properties MUST have title deeds!

 After our visit and property evaluation by our agency you should submit the following documents;

► Proof of Ownership- You must establish Proof of Ownership with copies of the property’s Title, Passports or Cedula of Property Owners, as listed on the title. If property was purchased under a corporation, you must submit a copy of the ‘Registro Mercantil’ a legal document that states the person signing is an authorized party in the corporation.

► Listing Agreement- We must have an original, signed copy of our listing agreement with all terms.


We work with two different types of listing agreements;

 ► Open Agreement- It is a non-exclusive agreement, meaning the owner may execute open listings with more than one real estate agent and pay only the broker who brings a buyer. With this option, we do minimal promotional efforts but will keep the property on-file. We will show it if a client is looking for a type of property we are missing from our inventory, as this type of listing agreement offers the least amount of commission protection for our agency. 

► Exclusive Agreement- The property is listed exclusively with our agency, with maximum advertising priorities.  All agencies and clients must deal directly through our agency in order to complete the sale.

 Signing an “Exclusive Agreement” for your property doesn’t mean that there won’t be other brokers and agents involved. It simply means it is our job to market your property to buyers and to other agents. Other agents will show your home, maximizing exposure of your home.


When we list your property we expect it to appear in a clean, sellable condition. For those owners not living in the Dominican Republic, we can offer a full management service to ensure that the property is in good condition and ensure that all bills are paid on time.  If this is something that you are interested in please visit our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT page, or contact us at 

Rest assured, we make the selling process simple and transparent. By keeping you well informed, we make it easier for you to make good decisions.

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