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Pinewood Studio Dominican Republic Opens for Business

Pinewood Studios Sound Stage and Offices Juan Dolio Dominican Republic

Juan Dolio Real Estate – Pinewood Studio Opens in Juan Dolio!


It is common knowledge the Beach & Golf community of Juan Dolio is perfectly situated near Santo Domingo and the Las Americas airport in the Dominican Republic. While this is one of the reasons why the big money is placing their bets on Juan Dolio it is certainly not the only reason.

The influential families and owners of Dominican corporations as well as some foreign investors are determined to complete Juan Dolio’s redevelopment as an up market residential community. The investors want to emulate what South Beach in Miami has by …. owning safe and secure property in a Spanish Speaking country where residents and visitors can enjoy beach front living along with shopping, sporting activities, entertainment and vibrant night life with all the services.

How do developers guarantee that this is going to happen? That is the billion dollar question and the answer is ….. The largest Film Studio in the Caribbean & Latin America has NOW BEEN COMPLETED in Juan Dolio! Pinewood Indominia has opened its 54,620 sq ft Horizon Water Tank with Blue Screen capabilities along with the sound stages located next to Guavaberry Country Club. Pinewood has several large film companies holding their facilities for movie and television production.

Once the film crews start production early 2015 the studios will attract thousands of film industry professionals. Numerous businesses in the area will be required to service the growing needs of the film industry in Juan Dolio. We believe real estate prices will increase substantially once the dates are announced for starting film production.

Juan Dolio Real Estate has already been contacted by the Film Industry to determine what properties are available to buy and rent in Juan Dolio.

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